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3 Reasons Property Investors Should Take Advantage of Accelerated Depreciation

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Accelerated depreciation in real estate, when applied to rental property, is mainly used by investors seeking to optimize their tax strategies. This tax-saving method enables property owners to deduct a significant portion of their property’s cost in the earlier years of ownership, providing a notable advantage in reducing taxable income. In essence, accelerated depreciation on […]

Financing in Real Estate: 6 Signs You’re Ready to Invest

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Investing in real estate is an excellent way to build long-term wealth while creating a stream of passive income. However, delving into the world of real estate is not a decision to be taken lightly. It requires careful consideration of several factors such as timing, local market dynamics, and financing in real estate. So, the […]

Understanding the Basics of a Deferred Sales Trust

calculate irr for real estate investors

A deferred sales trust, often called a DST, is a strategic financial tool that can significantly impact how real estate investors approach trust sales. This ingenious financial solution has gained popularity among savvy investors seeking to optimize their tax obligations while maximizing their investment potential. A deferred sales trust facilitates a trust sale, where the […]

6 Advantages of Investing in a Mixed-Use Property

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Investing in a mixed-use property offers opportunities to diversify your investment portfolios and maximize returns. A multi-use property combines different types of spaces, like residential, commercial, and sometimes even industrial, all within a single building or complex. This blend of uses can offer several advantages that make them an attractive investment option. By having various […]

Reverse Mortgage Loopholes: 5 Exit Strategies You Can Take

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Retirement planning is a complex endeavor, and many seniors explore various options to secure their financial well-being during their golden years. Reverse mortgages, also known as Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs), have gained popularity as one such option. A reverse mortgage can be a helpful financial tool in retirement, offering potential benefits for certain individuals. […]

Everything Real Estate Investors Should Know About Yield Maintenance

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Real estate loan lenders often use yield maintenance to ensure they receive their expected yield or interest income when borrowers choose to prepay their loans. As such, it can benefit property investors greatly to understand how this concept works. For one, it is a prepayment penalty mechanism to compensate the lender for losing future interest […]

Understanding Defeasance and How Real Estate Investors Can Use It

defeasance for real estate investors

When it comes to real estate investing, there is a valuable strategy called defeasance. It’s not a word that is commonly used in everyday conversation, but it represents a financial maneuver that real estate investors can use to reduce risks and make more money in real estate. Defeasance allows investors to get out of mortgage […]

9 Steps To Follow When Starting a Restaurant

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Starting a restaurant is an exciting venture combining culinary passion and business acumen. But before you do that, you will need to conduct thorough market research. Identify your target audience, assess the competition, and choose a prime location that aligns with your concept and demographic. Location is pivotal in the restaurant industry, impacting foot traffic, […]

Can You Reverse Mortgage An Investment Property?

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Taking a reverse mortgage on investment property offers a unique avenue for real estate owners to tap into the equity of their assets. Hence, they have additional sources of income they can use during retirement or challenging financial times. But does it differ from renting out a house with a mortgage? A reverse mortgage on […]

Understanding RUBS Utility and How Real Estate Investors Can Leverage It

understanding rubs utility

When it comes to real estate investing, success is all about maximizing returns while staying ahead of the competition. One strategy that’s been gaining traction is RUBS utility. RUBS in real estate stands for Ratio Utility Billing System.  This allows property owners and managers to allocate utility expenses among tenants based on how much they […]

6 Reasons Property Investors Should Consider an Apartment Renovation

apartment renovation

When you own a rental apartment, there will come a time when apartment renovation is needed. Revitalizing outdated or worn spaces not only attracts top-tier tenants but also lets you   increase rental income and secure long-term investment. However, they often require a significant financial investment, and determining whether the project will result in a satisfactory […]

10 Best Places to Start a House Flipping Business

house flipping business

When starting a house flipping business, savvy investors seek properties ripe for transformation. They aim to buy low and sell high. Thus, the key to success includes identifying the best places to flip houses. But before diving into the realm of house flipping, it is essential to understand the fundamental principles that underpin this business. […]

Is it Possible to Get a DSCR Loan With No Down Payment?

is it possible to get a dscr loan with no down payment

Are you thinking about getting a DSCR loan to buy your next property? If you are, it’s important to understand that you might need to make an upfront payment. Knowing how this payment works can help you make a smart decision when applying for this type of loan. But what if you don’t want to […]

Exploring the Benefits of a Gross Lease for Property Investors

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When renting out a commercial space, one of the most common lease structures that tenants and landlords use is the gross lease. It is a straightforward arrangement that simplifies the financial obligations of tenants and offers a degree of predictability in rental expenses. Unlike a net lease, where tenants are typically responsible for a portion […]

5 Ways ClickPay Can Help Property Investors


In every business, handling payments often feels like wading through a pile of paperwork, dealing with old-fashioned checks, and trying to make sense of complex bank transfers. And for success in the dynamic landscape of property investment, it’s necessary to be able to streamline financial transactions, manage multiple properties, and ensure reliable cash flow. But […]

Navigating Residential Real Estate Investing for Beginners

real estate investing for beginners

If you want to secure your financial future, there are different ways to invest your money. Some people invest in stocks or mutual funds, which can be good if you start early and do it carefully. But there’s another way to invest called real estate investing for beginners, which is like buying and owning properties. […]

6 Steps to Finding the Best Mortgage Lenders

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Homeownership is a long-term commitment, with mortgage payments spanning 15, 20, or 30 years. Selecting the best mortgage lender can mean the difference between securing a low interest rate, obtaining loan approval, and enjoying a smooth application process versus facing high rates, potential denials, and a never-ending stream of paperwork. Understanding how to locate the […]

DSCR Loan Pros and Cons: 5 Reasons It is the Right Financing Option for You

dscr loan pros and cons

Investing in real estate properties, rental units, and commercial spaces consistently prove to be indispensable commodities when it comes to human needs. However, real estate investment is no walk in the park. It demands more than just capital; it requires a deep understanding of markets, trends, and the art of selecting investments that yield long-term […]

Is a Hard Money Loan Right For You?

hard money loan

Real estate investing is a popular option to build long-term wealth and serves as another source of income. However, starting this venture requires money, and if you’re interested in becoming one but don’t meet the criteria for conventional financing, or require a fast transaction, there’s an alternative funding avenue to explore: a hard money loan. […]

How to Apply for New Construction Home Loans

new home construction loans

New construction home loans are pivotal for property developers and investors building from the ground up. This real estate loan provides the capital to turn architectural blueprints into tangible homes, offices, or commercial spaces. New construction loans differ from traditional mortgages, as they are specifically tailored to address the unique financial needs associated with building […]

Rehab Loans: 3 Major Types & Their Pros and Cons

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Rehab loans address the unique needs of investors seeking to revitalize or enhance the value of distressed investment properties. Real estate investors often employ these loans to purchase properties needing repair. Doing so means they have the resources to revamp the asset and boost its market value. For those looking to take on a real […]

Is Warehouse Lending Right for You?

warehouse lending warehouse financing

Warehouse lending bridges the gap between mortgage originators and borrowers. It caters to mortgage lenders, allowing them to fund warehouse loans to property investors. This financial mechanism plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth flow of capital in the housing market, making it possible for lenders to extend mortgage loans to borrowers. In essence, […]

How to Use a Bridge Loan Mortgage to Buy a Property

bridge loan mortgage

Bridge loans have emerged as invaluable financial instruments for savvy real estate investors seeking to capitalize on lucrative property opportunities. A bridge loan mortgage is a short-term financing solution that bridges the gap between purchasing a new property and selling an existing one. This financial lifeline enables investors to swiftly secure their dream investment properties […]

Should You Invest in a Duplex House for Sale?

duplex for sale

Are you looking for your next real estate investment opportunity? Consider the potential of investing in a duplex house for sale. This multifamily property investment can be a strategic move, offering unique advantages that can contribute to long-term financial success. Buying a duplex provides investors with dual income streams, as you can rent out each […]

How Property Investors Can Calculate IRR to Make Investment Decisions

calculate irr for real estate investors

When you’re putting money into real estate, it’s important to know if you’ll make money from it. But it’s not always easy to figure out. One good way to see if your property will bring in a profit is by using the Internal Rate of Return formula, or IRR, which is widely used in real […]

Cash-on-Cash Return: How Much Should You Aim For?

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For seasoned investors and newcomers alike, cash-on-cash return is a key metric for evaluating the profitability of an investment property. It provides a clear picture into how much cash income an investor can expect to receive in relation to the amount of cash they initially put into the property. It directly shows your property’s bottom […]

A Guide on Transactional Funding for Real Estate Investors

transactional funding guide for real estate investors

It’s no secret that 90% of millionaires acquired their wealth through real estate investing. And the reason behind this is simple: Wealthy people prefer investing in real estate because it’s a safe, easy, and profitable choice. However, as property prices reach record highs, fewer individuals have the necessary funds to begin investing. Because of this, […]

Designing a Restaurant: 10 Things Commercial Property Investors Need to Think About

designing a restaurant 10 things commercial property investors need to think about

Designing a restaurant can be a multifaceted yet gratifying endeavor for real estate investors. In the hospitality industry, well-thought-out restaurant renovations can differentiate a thriving establishment from a struggling one. This explains why 65% of restaurant operators plan to spend on remodeling, equipment, and expansion within the next six months. A restaurant’s layout, ambiance, and […]

Yield Maintenance: What Property Investors Need to Know

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If you’re a business owner or property investor exploring options to refinance an existing mortgage to take advantage of lower interest rates, you may have encountered the term yield maintenance. Just like any other investment term, it may be unfamiliar at first, but understanding what is yield maintenance is important to ensure you make the […]

Opening a Gas Station: A Step-by-Step Guide

opening a gas station a step by step guide

Gasoline consumption in the United States peaked in 2018 at 9.33 million barrels per day (bpd). Although it dipped 8.74 million bpd by January 2023, it increased to 8.92 million bpd by July 2023. This shows that the demand for 24-hour gasoline stations is still going strong. As such, opening a gas station is a […]

Debt Yield: Definition, Formula, and Purpose

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Debt yield is a key financial metric that real estate investors and lenders use to indicate a property’s financial health and ability to generate income relative to the debt incurred. In essence, debt yield measures the property’s capacity to cover its debt obligations, providing investors with valuable insights into the risk associated with a particular […]

Understanding LTV and Its Impact On Real Estate Investments

understanding ltv and its role on real estate investments fairmount funding

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just diving into the real estate game, you’ve probably run into the whole loan-getting process. And guess what? There’s this nifty thing called the “loan-to-value ratio” or LTV that’s kind of a big deal. Basically, it tells you how much money you’re borrowing compared to how much your property’s […]

How a DSCR Loan Can Help Real Estate Investors

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Property acquisition can be daunting for novice and seasoned real estate investors. Fortunately, a Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) loan allows investors to expand their portfolios and real estate ventures, all without necessitating proof of income or stringent qualification requirements. At its core, a DSCR loan is designed to evaluate the income-generating capacity of a […]

Multifamily Property Investing 101: How to Buy an Apartment Complex for Sale

multifamily property investing 101

In today’s dynamic real estate market, pursuing an ideal multifamily investment opportunity can lead you to buying an entire apartment complex for sale. One of the main reasons is that it can be a very lucrative real estate venture. Owning an apartment complex promises stable, long-term income streams and property appreciation. However, such a property […]

Net Operating Income: How NOI Helps Property Investors

Net Operating Income: How NOI Helps Property Investors

For real estate investors, success isn’t solely dependent on finding the right properties; it’s also about comprehending the financial indicators that drive profitability. One of the most important metrics is Net Operating Income (NOI), often abbreviated as NOI. So, why should NOI matter to investors? The answer is simple yet profound: NOI equips you with […]

Residential Real Estate Investing: 5 Ways to Get Started

getting started residential real estate investing fairmount funding

Investing in real estate can help you build long-lasting wealth and potentially perform better than investing in the stock market if you do it right. Like any investment, there’s a risk – you might lose everything. If you buy property in an area where prices are going down, nobody wants to rent, or not many […]

How to Buy a Multifamily Property With No Money

how to buy a multifamily property with no money

Are you dreaming of becoming a real estate investor but short on funds? Knowing how to buy a multifamily property with no money might sound like a real estate unicorn. While it is true that real estate investment typically requires substantial capital, there are creative strategies that you can use to break into the market […]

Using Multifamily Construction to Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio


Have you ever thought about creating a portfolio or a collection of real estate investments? It might sound strange if you’ve been investing in real estate for a while. Think of this collection as a way to show off your real estate investment experiences once you have a bunch of different investments. There are many […]

Self-Storage Investments: 8 Things to Know Before Investing

man opening self storage unit

As urban spaces become more compact and living spaces more dynamic, the demand for additional storage continues to surge. The self-storage market is expected to increase to $72.15 billion by 2028. This trend has propelled self-storage units into the spotlight, providing individuals and businesses with additional storage space. Meanwhile, this presents an opportunity for real […]

Cap Rate: What Is It & What Is Its Role In Property Investments?

cap rate what is its role in property investments

In the real estate industry, choices can make or break fortunes. With a lot of options, each with its own price and potential rental earnings, investors face the challenge of figuring out which property will give the best return for their money. This is where cap rate steps in. Cap rate helps investors figure out […]

How to Figure Out the Best Loan for Your Investment Property

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Navigating real estate investing begins with one very important step: securing the right loan for your investment property. Whether you are a new or seasoned investor, learning to finance an investment property is a fundamental aspect of your strategy. This involves evaluating loan options and comprehending the intricacies that can significantly impact your financial success. […]

What Is a DSCR Loan and How To Make the Most of It

what is a dscr loan

Different loans are available for multifamily property financing. One of the most common choices is a DSCR loan. So, what is a DSCR loan and how can you use it? A DSCR (debt service coverage ratio) loan falls within the category of Non-QM loans which gives you a different way to get financing for a […]

5 Reasons to Buy Self-Storage Facilities for Sale

self storage facilities for sale fairmount funding

For aspiring and seasoned real estate investors, the allure of self-storage facilities for sale has captured the attention of those seeking to diversify and expand their portfolios. One reason is that 38% of Americans use self-storage units. The primary reasons include downsizing, relocating, or needing more space at home. This explains why self-storage facilities have […]

The 7-Step Beginner’s Guide to Flipping Houses

the 7 step beginner's guide to flipping houses fairmount

Different TV shows like Flip and Flop, Flipping 101, Hometown, and Property Brothers, highlight the quick and profitable transformations of rundown properties. These brief and dazzling shows make it look like flipping houses are easy, but the actual practice is far more intricate. Behind every eye-catching snapshot lies a tale of countless hours spent on […]

The Property Investor’s Guide to House Flipping

apartment professional renovation

House flipping, a popular form of real estate investment, involves purchasing a property, renovating it, and then swiftly reselling it for a profit. This dynamic venture requires a strategic blend of market insight, renovation skills, and financial know-how. Aspiring flippers keen on understanding how to finance a fix and flip endeavor must navigate a landscape […]

How to Make a Loan for an Investment Property Work

loan for investment property, fairmount funding

In recent years, housing prices have experienced a substantial surge, but it seems that the market for loan investment property has now stabilized. The recent surge in mortgage rates has made it challenging for both investors and potential homeowners to secure financing for their investment properties. Finding the ideal investment property is already a challenging […]

5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Mobile Home Park

mobile home park - Fairmount Funding

For a while now, most people have believed that the only investments worth considering are things that are permanent as real estate. However, mobile homes and mobile home parks prove that this isn’t always true and for a number of reasons.

Can You Invest in Real Estate With No Money?

invest in real estate - Fairmount Funding

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always the case that you need a large sum of money to start your real estate investment journey. This guide will teach how to invest in real estate using strategies that require minimal capital investment.

The Real Estate Wholesaling Guide for New Property Investors

real estate wholesaling - Fairmount Funding

TikTok creators, Instagram, podcasts, and YouTube influencers guarantee that you can rake in thousands of dollars per week in the real estate market without ever having to buy and flip a property. These claims have made real estate wholesaling a trend online, but do these offers sound good to be true? Let’s explore real estate wholesaling and its potential profitability.

How to Flip a House: What is the 70% Rule in House Flipping

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The key to a successful house flip is buying the property at a low price so that you can make a big profit when you sell it later. That’s where the 70 percent rule comes into play. We’ll explore how this rule operates and how it can set you up for a successful flip.

How to Invest in Multifamily Properties: A Quick Guide

how to invest in multifamily properties - Fairmount Funding

Investing in real estate has only continued to rise in popularity. Multifamily investing, in particular, has captivated the interest of first-time investors. This is primarily due to the relatively straightforward nature of residential real estate.

How to Buy Spec Homes for Sale Without Hassle

spec homes for sale - Fairmount Funding

Buying a spec home eliminates the uncertainties and complexities that come with customizing a home to your specifications. Continue reading as we guide you through the hassle-free benefits of purchasing a spec home.