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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your interest rates and terms?

Each deal is underwritten and priced based on a large array of factors that make quoting a rate impossible to do without first taking the time to your understand your unique case. However, our rates are extremely fair and competitive, and we don’t charge you for upfront or junk fees!

How long does it take to receive loan funds?

We are typically able to close most deals in 30 days or less. This can also be expedited for a fee, usually making the time around 7-14 days. For 1-4 unit deals our average is around 3 weeks, and commercial deals usually 4-6 weeks.

What is your maximum loan-to-value?

Every property and case is different, but we won’t typically exceed 75% as a maximum, with some products having a lower max LTV.

What are your minimum and maximum loan amounts?

There’s technically no max loan amount, but the bigger deals can sometimes be more challenging. Our current minimum is 75k for most products.

What is the minimum FICO score to qualify?

This depends on the loan program, but a 600 FICO is typically the lowest. However, we do have no FICO and bridge programs, where credit is not a factor. Call us for more info!

Will Fairmount lend on an owner-occupied home?

Fairmount does not have an owner-occupied loan program. We lend to experienced real estate investors for the purchase, improvement, refinance, and construction of non-owner occupied properties, including rentals.

Where does Fairmount lend?

Fairmount lends in all US states nationwide, with some exceptions.

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