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Self Storage Loans

Contemplating self-storage a fresh venture or savvy investment? You’re in good company. The self-storage industry remains one of the quickest expanding sectors in commercial real estate. Fairmount’s loan experts can help steer you through the intricacies of constructing, purchasing, or enhancing a facility, while securing you the investment capital you need to get started.

Loan options for self storage include SBA loans, bridge loans, and permanent financing starting at $1 million with LTVs up to 75%.

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Self Storage Property Loans

Self-storage property loans are a type of financing specifically designed for the acquisition and recapitalization of self-storage properties. Fairmount Funding offers financing for loans that cater to various types of self-storage properties, such as drive-up, single-story, modern multi-story, climate-controlled, and specialty properties for storing cars, boats, wine, and documents.

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Self Storage Property Loan Terms

General loan terms for self storage property can be stated as follows, but may vary and depend on the individual case:

Loan Size: $100,000 – $2M

Loan Purpose: Purchase, Cash-Out, R/T Refinance

Loan Term: 5-year ARM, 30-year Fixed

Amortization: 15, 25 and 30-year options

Leverage: 70-80% Max LTV

DSCR: 1.00-1.20 minimum DSCR

Credit Score Requirement: 650 minimum

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