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Transactional Funding

for Real Estate Wholesalers

Double Closing On a Deal?

Do you need funding for a real estate wholesaling deal in your city?

Fairmount offers 100% transactional funding to close your next deal, with no upfront fees.

We work with small to mid sized real estate wholesalers nationwide.

We can help you close on deals of any size – we have no minimum or maximum funding amounts!

We're here for you.

Get the cash you need to transact quickly, no matter the size of your project.

transactional funding

We make double close transactional funding quick and easy.

Fairmount Funding provides real estate wholesale investors with transactional funding for double closing situations.

Don’t wait. Get the cash you need to quickly reach your goals. We fund deals and also specialize in working with wholesalers seeking $1 million+ in funding. Our simple qualification process will get you well on your way to closing.

Reach out to us today!

How Does Transactional Funding Work?

Contact Us

Drop us a line introducing yourself and some details of your deal.

Discuss Your Double Close

We’ll provide you with fast funding options that you can pick from.

Get the Capital You Need

Get the cash you need right away. No red-tape. No hassle.

Real Estate Wholesaler Testimonials

transactional funding
I'll just say that this was definitely the smoothest transactional funding experience I've had to date. Max responded to me promptly, let me know my options, and I was able to close quickly just like they said. I expect I'll be returning.
Mark W. | New Jersey
transactional funding

Simple, Quick Transactional Funding
for Real Estate Wholesalers

Get the transactional funding you need to close your next deal… no credit checks, income requirements, or applications.

If you are interested in using a double closing to complete your transaction, don’t miss out on a deal because you lack immediate funding!

Transactional funding from FairmountFunding.net can be the fastest, most affordable way to get moving forward on your deal. We have fast, reliable transactional funding available.

transactional funding

Nationwide Transactional Funding

We’re not just lenders; we’re investors too. We understand the process from start to finish. We know the challenges you face because we’ve been in your shoes.

FairmountFunding.net was founded to provide real estate wholesalers with a reputable and trusted alternative to traditional lenders who don’t understand the challenges you face.

transactional funding
transactional funding

Our fast and simple transactional funding programs are designed to give real estate wholesalers the financial tools needed to achieve cash flow as quickly as possible.

Near Instant Funding
to Help With Your Next Double Close

Transactional funding can help you close real estate deals quickly and inexpensively! We can provide the cash you need in a double close situation. There are no fees if the transaction does not close.

To learn more about how we help you, click here. Our team is always ready to help you walk through your options and apply our expertise to your transactional funding need. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can offer you! (215) 515-6966

Get the cash you need for your next deal

Reach out to our team today!

FairmountFunding.net offers the best transactional funding for real estate wholesalers nationwide.